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The leading financial indicators for the Dominican Republic’s Commercial Banking and Savings and Loan Associations were analyzed.

How organizations must strengthen before and during any transition to integrate the human side of change and minimize challenges


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Our Puerto Rico Covid-19 Dashboard includes up to date information of the evolution of #Covid-19 in Puerto Rico. Also compare Puerto Rico with other countries and US states (page 2). Data is updated daily.

Our PR economic dashboard offers a snapshot of current P.R. economic and market conditions, based on key economic and market indicators. Find up to date economic data consolidated in this dashboard and displayed in a visual manner easy to read and interpret

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Puerto Rico Banking Industry Report Q2 2022
The Puerto Rico banking industry reached a pre-tax ROE of 20.2% in the first half of 2022. Since 2018, local banks have outpaced their US peers in terms of profitability thanks to…
An Employer’s X-ray
An integrated approach to counteract today’s turnover rate and hiring challenges
CX: Keeping promises through experience
The consumer experience (CX) is a more relevant topic every day. Since the pandemic, consumers have been forced into a more digital way of life, where a seamless, simple, automated customer experience…

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