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Discover the solid performance of Puerto Rico’s Banking sector during 2023 in terms of profitability and asset quality. In this report, we analyze the changes in market shares since the acquisition of Banco Santander PR and Scotiabank PR by Firstbank and Oriental Bank.

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This dynamic sales stimulation framework system encompasses a cohesive array of strategies, processes, and resources that empower the company to expertly attract, convert, and retain customers.



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Our PR economic dashboard offers a snapshot of current P.R. economic and market conditions, based on key economic and market indicators. Find up to date economic data consolidated in this dashboard and displayed in a visual manner easy to read and interpret

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Solid Performance of Banks and Impressive Growth of the Credit Unions Sector: 2023 Half-Year Review
Discover the solid performance of Puerto Rico's Banking Sector during the first half of 2023 with strong profitability, and reduced delinquency rates. In this report, we also show a deep dive into…
Understanding Large Language Models (LLM’s) and their business applications
LLMs have vast potential, but their applications are still unfolding, and their capabilities may surpass our current understanding. In addition to their many possible uses, LLMs come with challenges and some concerns;…
How to leverage culture to get the best out of telecommuting
A roadmap for growth in a hybrid context, without compromising the culture.

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