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Creating a strategic broadband plan does not have to be daunting. Using the proper framework, local governments, state broadband offices, and even private operators can develop and document actionable initiatives for the future.

If your organization doesn’t have a digital transformation agenda in place by now, it might be on the brink of extinction or obsolescence in the next decade.



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Our Puerto Rico Covid-19 Dashboard includes up to date information of the evolution of #Covid-19 in Puerto Rico. Also compare Puerto Rico with other countries and US states (page 2). Data is updated daily.

Our PR economic dashboard offers a snapshot of current P.R. economic and market conditions, based on key economic and market indicators. Find up to date economic data consolidated in this dashboard and displayed in a visual manner easy to read and interpret

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Healthcare in Puerto Rico: Challenges and Our Big Opportunity
Puerto Rico’s health system continues to face longstanding funding issues, hospital financial struggles, and a shortage of healthcare workers. Fragmented as the health system is, we have a huge opportunity: to achieve…
Adopting change in times of change
How organizations must strengthen before and during any transition to integrate the human side of change and minimize challenges
Social Determinants of Health: Understanding the drivers of Health Disparities
In recent years, most healthcare conversations have been sprinkled with terms like “health disparities,” “health inequalities,” or “health equity.” Per the World Health Organization (WHO), health equity is defined as the absence…

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