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It’s always about the people… We help make our client organizations more effective by improving alignment between structures and business objectives and enhancing employee engagement. We combine rigorous analysis with practical experience in situations such as improving effectiveness, redefining its structure for growth or cutting costs, or enhancing its governance process.

Areas of Expertise
  • Organizational design and restructuring
    We help clients define and implement effective organizational models that allow them to realize their objectives. Whether it’s about growth, cost reduction, improved alignment, or simplification, we look beyond just the “boxes” to clearly delineate accountabilities, decision points, and linkage
  • Transformation/Change management
    We help organizations design and implement major change programs that improve their performance, build capabilities and strengthen the desired mindsets and behaviors. Executing transformational changes is a very complex endeavor; we help provide the appropriate frameworks and tactics to align operational changes with the “people side of the business” to make it succeed.
  • Capacity Development/Staffing Studies
    Planning for the right level of labor capacity is critical to meeting a wide range of business objectives – from cost reduction to improved allocation of resources. We help clients identify deficiencies in staffing, organization, processes and technology and suggest improvements that can be implemented.
  • Leadership Development
    We help develop great leaders in our client organizations, coaching and mentoring them to optimize their effectiveness and leadership potential. More than just functional skills, we help develop a deep leadership mindset, capabilities and practices, in order to increase accountability and sustained competitive advantage.
  • Governance Structure and Processes
    Governance is about defining expectations, granting power and verifying performance. We help clients define and implement governance structures and processes that make boards of directors and management teams more effective, resulting in organizations that achieve their strategic goals.

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