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Market and Business Analytics

Our market and business analytics practice focuses on adding value to V2A prospects and clients through the methodical exploration of market and company data that ultimately leads to their improved decision making.

Areas of Expertise
  • Predictive modeling
    We develop models using data mining and statistics to forecast outcomes. For instance, we analyze customer profiles and behavior to predict the propensity to churn as well as the propensity to miss payments in order to optimize retention and collections efforts. We also perform text analytics to understand customer sentiment and product campaign performance, analyze customer service agent performance, and identify reasons of customer service calls.
  • Market research and intelligence
    We help our clients to size market opportunities for new ventures. We also publish industry reports and articles related to socioeconomic and business matters.
  • Market/business data reporting
    We work hand in hand with organizations to build their reporting infrastructure and train their personnel to use the most common visualization tools for dashboards and reports.
  • Clustering/segmentation analysis
    We assist clients in understanding their customer segments and developing strategies to maximize their potential.
  • Geographic analytics
    We perform map visualization including locations and demographic data as well as distance analyses for footprint optimization.
  • Financial analysis
    We assist organizations in financial planning and forecasting, in performing cost benefit analysis for new projects and in building client and client segments profitability and reporting (including cost allocation and transfer pricing).

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