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Operational Improvements

We help our clients achieve leaner, more streamlined operations, thus reducing costs and enhancing their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Areas of Expertise
  • Customer Experience (CX)
    Getting CX right is critical to a company’s bottom line and long-term sustainability.Customer Experience is defined as the end-to-end relationship a customer has with a product or service, from consideration and purchase to utilization and recommendation.We help organizations define, map, and implement innovative yet efficient customer journeys, that bond to an inspiring and differentiated promise, and match what the organization can deliver.Once the “Voice of the Client” is understood and the current capacities assessed, we help formulate a CX transformation vision, design the desired experience and identify the capabilities needed throughout the customer’s journey to deliver on the promise.Furthermore, we support organizations to enable their promise by developing operational and organizational capabilities. We accompany them throughout operational and cultural transformations to ensure successful implementations.
    Finally, we measure results along the way, and adjust as needed to ensure we get the CX just right for our clients and their customers.
  • Digital Transformation
    Over the years we have gained experience of digital transformation in the public and private sectors. V2A Consulting can help your organization successfully navigate digital transformation.
    Our framework is anchored in an in-depth diagnosis of the customer journey and experience, both internal and external, to identify pain points in the processes. We also leverage the LEAN methodology to identify opportunities at the level of Operating Systems, Management Infrastructure and Organizational Mindset and Behavior.
    In the end, we implement a tailored solution for the client tied to an effective accompaniment and change management. This step is essential to achieving digital transformation goals.
  • Lean Management
    Originally developed to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, Lean Six Sigma is now widely adopted by financial institutions and other service industries. Lean Six Sigma is a blend of two concepts: lean manufacturing, which is aimed at reducing waste, and Six Sigma, which helps companies reduce errors. Together they can help companies reap the benefits of faster processes with lower cost and higher quality. Our Lean Management approach ensures alignment between customer requirements and continuous operational improvements. The suggested action plan typically includes a diagnosis identifying efficiency and effectiveness of the activities and resources required to complete operations while providing short-term operational recommendations and identifying long-term opportunities for improvement. Sustained operational improvements are achieved by aligning operating systems, management infrastructure, and mindsets & behaviors around the client.
  • Capacity Assessments/Capacity Planning
    Planning for the right level of labor capacity is critical to meeting a wide range of business objectives – from cost reduction to improved allocation of resources. Performing a human resource capacity analysis typically results in impactful benefits to the organization. V2A utilizes a unique approach, its OAR methodology, a type of capacity assessment driven by the objectives, activities, and results of the analyzed units to understand staffing needs and organize resources, to provide optimal results and actionable recommendations. We help clients identify deficiencies in staffing, organization, processes, and technology and suggest improvements that can be implemented so that an organization can achieve efficiency in human resources and financial resources with the reallocation of resources to more productive areas.

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