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We help our clients achieve leaner, more streamlined operations, thus reducing costs and enhancing their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Areas of Expertise
  • Lean Management/Lean Six Sigma
    Originally developed to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, Lean Six Sigma is now being widely adopted by financial institutions and other service industries. Lean Six Sigma is a blend of two concepts: lean manufacturing, which is aimed at reducing waste, and Six Sigma, which helps companies reduce errors. Together they can help companies reap the benefits of faster processes with lower cost and higher quality. Our Lean Management approach ensures alignment between customer requirements and continuous operational improvements.
  • Profit Improvement
    Improving profitability and increasing shareholder value is essential. Yet many companies struggle to pinpoint ways to reduce expenses and increase revenues. At V2A, our profit improvement program helps identify practical opportunities for reducing costs and improving profitability. Our program approach focuses on identifying and understanding a company’s key drivers of profitability, and then designing and achieving short and long term profit improvements. After prioritizing ideas with most profit potential and practicality, we help implement profitability programs.
  • Project/Program Management
    We have the ability to manage large scale operational changes with our tools and framework for an organized and thorough project management approach. For many years, V2A has been guiding client teams through the project management process of planning, organizing and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a defined goal. We provide the framework and tools to ensure high performance teams and end goal focus within the specified scope, budget and time constraints.
  • Customer Service Improvement (VOC design)
    Effective and efficient customer service has a critical impact on customer acquisition, retention and cost management. As part of Lean engagements or stand-alone engagements, we help define the target customer experience (Voice of the Client- VOC), translate it into operational requirements, and ensure consistent service delivery across channels in the most cost effective way. We have worked with branch networks, call centers and field service operations, redesigning business processes and using lean methodologies to ensure improved service quality and customer loyalty.
  • Supply Chain Management
    We assist clients in optimizing their product supply chains, eliminating waste, reducing inflexibility and controlling variability. The result is oftentimes a strategic advantage gained by being able to deliver the right product, at the right time and in the right way, to each customer segment.
  • Sourcing and Procurement Management
    Procurement organizations are playing a more strategic role than ever before, helping companies achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by keeping costs low, while providing goods and services efficiently and effectively. At V2A, we work with our clients to make purchasinga strategic operation and to realize huge bottom line impacts.

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