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A Change Management Program is a vital lever to guarantee, accelerate and take advantage of organizational restructurings in the public sector. A sector that cannot afford to further delay or worsen their services to the community.

The PR Banking sector reached a Pre-Tax ROE of 20.9% in Q1 2021, the highest profitability level since 2004. There is excess liquidity in the banking system, part of which is likely to be deployed to lending activity as the local economy takes off.

V2A launches Puerto Rico Banking Indicators Portal

El ROE antes de impuestos de las Asociaciones de Ahorro y Préstamos aumentó de 7.9% en el año 2020 a 12.5% en el primer trimestre del 2021 gracias al aumento de su margen financiero y a la disminución de la provisión de crédito ante la mejora de las perspectivas económicas.

Tutorial Dashboard COVID-19

Alfredo Terife, Alexandra Roig and Mario González discuss the new version of our COVID19 Dashboard for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This new Dashboard is designed to monitor many relevant aspects of the disease as we continue to open our economy and increase our mobility.

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