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Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subfield of linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence, can be used to extract valuable insights for any company with large amounts of unstructured data like audio files (e.g. customer calls) and text documents (e.g. interviews notes). At V2A, we have recently applied NLP for a Telecom Company to understand why clients call customer service and what topics generate more discontent among customers.

The Puerto Rico banking industry reached a pre-tax ROE of 22.5% in the Jan-Sep 2021 period driven by three factors: 1) Higher leverage levels, 2) Higher operational efficiency, and 3) Lower provision expense.

Tan solo un año y medio después de declarada oficialmente la pandemia a nivel global la economía dominicana, en términos generales, se encuentra encaminada hacia la total recuperación.

Tutorial Dashboard COVID-19

Alfredo Terife, Alexandra Roig and Mario González discuss the new version of our COVID19 Dashboard for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This new Dashboard is designed to monitor many relevant aspects of the disease as we continue to open our economy and increase our mobility.

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