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Strategic Portfolio Development

The success of any organization hinges on having a clear understanding of what it should be aiming (and not aiming) its sights on. At V2A we have helped dozens of organizations tackle complex strategic challenges. We assist leaders in formulating their organization’s vision and objectives, defining the strategies to achieve them and creating a sense of ownership and momentum to implement them. We emphasize the development of “actionable strategy” and frequently assist leadership teams and boards of directors in building performance management systems to maintain visibility and focus.

Areas of Expertise
  • Strategy Development
    We help corporate organizations develop strategies to ensure that its business portfolio is worth more than just the sum of its parts. We work with leaders to develop a clear understanding of where there may be value creation opportunities across the organization, while also ensuring that business units are focused on the right elements. We also work with business unit leadership teams in defining what markets it should (and should not) compete in. We help in developing the organization’s vision, objectives and specific strategies, as well as defining priorities for action.
  • Strategic Planning/Strategic Management
    Whether it is launching a new approach or revitalizing bureaucratic planning processes, our proven methodology for strategic planning helps leaders ask the right questions and engage each other constructively. We believe that management teams should own their strategic management processes and through planning sessions in a workshop type environment we encourage collective ownership, working to find the right strategy together with implementable solutions.  Beyond planning, strategic management proactively ties together long term planning, financial planning and modeling (budgets and forecasts) and individual accountabilities to develop a winning agenda.
  • Strategic Plan Implementation/Project Management
    More than just defining strategic visions and plans, we emphasize the development of specific, high impact actions and help our clients along every step of the way in achieving results. This is the essence of our philosophy, guiding our clients from Vision to Action. Our rigorous project management approach ensures every goal is met within the predefined resource, time and budget constraints. We facilitate the development of a Project Management Office (PMO), including robust governance structures that provide visibility of Strategic Portfolios and tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Strategic Communication
    As important as defining strategy, ensuring that it is communicated properly is crucial. Whether it is disseminating your strategy to the entire organization or communicating key elements effectively to stakeholders such as regulators, suppliers or partners, we can help in ensuring the right messages are delivered and understood. We also believe in the power of evangelists, and look to deploy powerful influencers throughout our client organizations that can walk the walk and model the client’s desired behaviors.

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