Customer Profitability Analysis for Better Decisions

We are proud to present our latest insights to the banking industry through the publication of the “Customer Profitability Analysis for Better Decisions” article in BAI Banking Strategies. It showcases the work we have developed around our customer profitability methodology in a practical, focused and insightful manner. Click on the link below, and enjoy! “Customer …

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Are community banks losing the battle in South Florida?

Since the financial crisis of 2007-2008, South Florida’s banking industry* has undergone a transformative consolidation process. Large, out-of-state banks have been steadily gaining market share, many times displacing smaller, local community banks which have been unable to compete against banking juggernauts like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, Miami Metropolitan Area’s largest banks. Mergers and acquisitions activity, as well as FDIC-assisted bank failures, have been pervasive throughout Florida since 2009, leading the nation in bank failures in 2010 with 29 in total. Since 2009 there has been a steady but slow improvement in the banking sector. Asset quality has improved, loan activity has increased and the majority of banks are well capitalized. Nevertheless, banks in South Florida still face considerable challenges. A highly competitive environment with narrow margins, subpar loan growth and a slowdown in mortgage refinancing transactions, have made it difficult for banks to increase income and improve returns.

The Sales Dichotomy

Many sales reps spend very little time actually selling. Instead, they allocate significant chunks of time to operational or administrative tasks. They follow up on stalled deals, pull together reams of paperwork for even the most straight-forward RFPs, or spend untold hours on myriad other back-office functions.

The elusiveness of social media monetization

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