“I love being able to work in different types of services and industries as this provides me with a continuous path for growth. The team’s diversity is also something that I cherish since it is a driver for collaboration and exchange of different ideas. Finally, I also love the culture, especially the “work hard, play hard” aspect, which makes for a fun yet challenging environment.”
Get to know Alexandra Roig

Alexandra joined V2A in 2017 after working as an Audit Senior at Deloitte in Philadelphia, PA. At V2A, she’s had experience with the public and financial services sectors. In the public sector, Alexandra has worked in high-visibility operations projects, such as the Staffing Allocation and Resources Study for a local law enforcement agency, and in a major reorganization and program development engagements. Within financial services, she worked in Lean transformation of key business process for a financial institution key service provider.

Alexandra loves spending time with her family, her friends, and her dog Kiki. She also enjoys watching sports, running, cycling, and going to the beach.

Prior Experience

  • Deloitte – 2 years


  • Villanova University; BS – Finance, Accounting, and Management Information Systems (MIS)


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