“I have it all in V2A: a constant learning & growth environment, diversification in terms of industries, projects and network, flexibility (I can be human), fun (tons of it), an opportunity to serve Puerto Rico, and ultimately, a family.”
Get to know Staff Member

Cristina experienced the first edition of our internship summer program for university students; We Serve Fellows 2020. She was the first fellow to come full circle, participating in the program as a university student and then being part of the work team in 2021 as an analyst at V2A. Since her Capstone and COOP project at the firm, she has specialized in the telecommunications industry, focusing on improving processes and the customer’s experience.

Cristina is a joyful and smiling person. One of her hobbies is dancing salsa; she loves the arts and enjoys creating things with few resources or everyday items.

Prior Experience

  • V2A Consulting COOP, 9 months
  • Lilly del Caribe COOP, 5 months


  • University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus; BS – Industrial Engineering


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