“V2A has allowed me to learn from people I admire, serve Puerto Rico by engaging in meaningful work in my community, and solve problems aligned with my purpose”.
Get to know Felipe Grosso

Felipe joined V2A in 2022, soon after completing his bachelor’s in Economics and Philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. After participating in the first class of the We Serve Fellows program during the summer of 2020 and working at the firm via a COOP placement, he knew that V2A was his next challenge post-university. During his time at V2A, he’s had experiences in the Telecom, Public Sector, and, most notably for him, the Education sector.

After many academic experiences, Felipe found V2A to be a superb balance of impact and intellectual pursuit. With plans to advocate for Puerto Rico by becoming an Education leader, and an economic adviser on the island, V2A offered a splendid opportunity to begin this journey. He feels that he and the firm have a shared purpose of equitably empowering people and communities in the Caribbean to their fullest potential.

In his free time, Felipe loves to read (especially anything related to education, consulting, and economics) and anything related to nature (especially the beach). Suppose anything above feels like something that interests the reader, feel free to reach out to Felipe here: felipegrosso@v2aconsulting.com. He’s always willing to chat!

Prior Experience

  • CNE (Research Assistant)
  • University of British Columbia (Research Assistant)
  • Grupo Guayacán
  • Fundación Flamboyán


  • University of British Columbia, Canada; BA – Honors Economics with a minor in Philosophy


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