V2A is celebrating 10 great years!

22 de octubre, 2014

It’s been 10 great years and they have gone fast! Our journey began in 2004 as the phrase Vision to Action was coined. The term was used to refer to a strategic planning methodology that included both planning (vision) and implementation (action) components. Strategy is and has always been at the core of our service offering, but all these years V2A has also been offering consulting services in areas such as operations, including LEAN management, organizational transformations, and applied business analytics. We started working in a few industries but soon enough were asked to help solve problems in a wide array of industries. Beyond financial services and life sciences where we are well known, we have served clients in real estate, retail, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, utilities, the public sector and others.

Our growth has been steady and organic, from a handful of independent consultants in the beginning, to an established firm with over 30 full-time employees and contractors today. Every milestone has been rewarding and fun… our first clients in the US, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the opening of our beautiful and non-traditional office space in San Juan, and recently our office expansion in South Florida. We look forward to continuing our growth both locally, in San Juan and South Florida, and in new Latin American markets.

On the entrepreneurial side, we established V2A Capital last year as an incubator start-up lab exploring multiple opportunities. This year, V2A Capital launched Akcelita, a technology startup, becoming the first Puerto Rican professional services firm to join forces with an established Silicon Valley technology leader. We foresee a great future in the technology field and are ready to embrace these challenges and opportunities.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work continues to be helping non-profit organizations. We continue to enjoy working hand-in-hand with social entrepreneurs in their quests to make things better through our involvement as strategists, thought partners, operations consultants and directors on their boards. It feels good to know we have made a difference to make Puerto Rico better.

Speaking of making Puerto Rico better, we are strong believers in the future of our Island. These are difficult times for many, but we are convinced there are immense opportunities in making Puerto Rico an important player in the global economy. There is much work needed to get our economy growing again, but we are convinced and have proven it can be done… one organization at a time.

It has been an incredible journey for V2A; 10 great years partnering with fabulous clients, nurturing our top talent and serving our broader community. We want to take a moment during this important milestone to thank all the clients that have partnered with us throughout this decade, all our employees and alumni that have walked this journey with us and all of our friends that have been there supporting us every step of the way.

Thank you and here’s to the next 10 years!

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