"Since arriving at V2A I’ve had the opportunity to be directly exposed to clients and executives, and I have been able to see the impact we can have with our work. Having the exposure and the opportunity to impact so early in my career is something I wouldn't have been able to find elsewhere"
Get to know Ricardo González

After graduating from Cornell University in the summer of 2019, Ricardo joined V2A as a Business Analyst and has since worked on a Public Sector project for a local government agency. He has been part of a major Organizational Design and Restructuring effort where he has worked with Change Management, Capacity Planning Studies, “Due Diligence” and Economic Data Reports.

Ricardo considers himself a sports aficionado. His favorite sports are baseball, basketball and volleyball, but he also likes to try new sports whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and family, and having deep philosophical conversations to discuss topics ranging from the existence of life to the possibility of time travel. Ricardo also enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures and foods, a passion he developed during his college years and his time studying in Seville, Spain. He has visited more than 20 countries and is looking to keep adding more to the list!

Prior Experience


  • Cornell University; BA – Economics


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