“What I like most about V2A is that it is an organization to which I can contribute all my experience and, at the same time, find continuous challenges and opportunities to learn. Coming from a global consulting firm I can't help but be amazed by its open, warm and friendly environment”
Get to know Marielena Romero

Marielena has been a V2A Engagement Manager since 2019 in our Dominican Republic office. She is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the managing consulting area in business and operations at the financial services industry, with extensive experience in conceptualization and conduction of major transformation projects in banking and related businesses. She has led change initiatives for multiple financial institutions in Venezuela, El Salvador, Panama and the Dominican Republic where she had the opportunity to change the way of working of broad groups of collaborators. She also worked in important financial entities, where she performed internal consultant functions from the areas of processes and quality, developing methodological skills and acquiring deep knowledge of the industry.

Marielena is a mother of two little girls and loves play with them, specially on the beach. She likes to go to the movies but equally enjoys watching series at home, on vacation she loves to travel with the family, and she prefers internal tourism to explore and discover new places.

Prior Experience

  • Ernst & Young – 9+ years
  • Deloitte – 7 months
  • Financial Sector in Venezuela – 11 years


  • UNE, Venezuela; Lic. Business Administration
  • IUT Dr. Federico Rivero Palacios, Venezuela; TSU Administration – O&M Mention


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