“What I like most about V2A is that their vision and values align with mine. We are a family whose purpose is to help you grow and be more than a business leader, a social impact leader.“
Get to know Keneth Velázquez

After participating in the WeServe Fellows program during the summer of 2020, Keneth returned to V2A in 2022 as a COOP. He received a full-time offer after completing his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting at the University of Puerto Rico in 2022. From the moment Keneth experienced the V2A culture and all the impact the firm had made in different industries and the public sector, he was enchanted within minutes and decided it was what he was looking for in his career. He is currently working on a Strategic Planning project for a Major Food Distribution company on the island.

Keneth enjoys reading about economics, entrepreneurship, and finance during his free time. Additionally, he enjoys mentoring Puerto Rican students interested in pursuing a career in consulting or banking. Also, he dedicates to helping in different community impact activities like the American Cancer Society and Puerto Rico Hope Lodge. He also enjoys traveling, and his goal is to visit every country in Latin America and Europe.

Prior Experience

  • V2A Consulting, COOP – 3 Months
  • Evolve Health Partners, Internship –  5 Months
  • FCP Ventures, Internship – 1 Year
  • V2A Consulting, WeServe Fellow- 2 months


  • University of Puerto Rico– Finance & Accounting (BBA)


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