“Coming from an entrepreneurship path, I can feel at home because of the driven environment and family culture V2A promotes. I feel that I can apply my studies and expertise in each project while being able to learn technical and soft skills every week. The rotational flexibility from projects allows us to diversify our expertise or decide on what we would love to specialize in after tasting the industry and services. I also found the perfect place with a work-life balance, where the flexibility and respect for nights or weekends can be achieved.”
Get to know Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Juan Carlos joined V2A in 2018 after one year in operational excellence and corporate strategy in the food sector based in Puerto Rico, ranging from manufacturing to distribution. During his time in V2A, he has improved the public sector and utilities on projects related to Strategic Management, Lean Management, Staffing Capacity Analysis, Organizational Design, and, most recently, on Digital Transformation and ISO Implementation.

Juan Carlos enjoys exercising, playing sports, hiking, snorkeling, and even diving. He loves to travel with his family, dine out and spend a day on the beach. Juan is also the founder of a food manufacturing and distribution company in Puerto Rico, where he keeps growing professionally in operational excellence and corporate strategy. At the same time, he promotes developing a more robust agriculture sector on the island.

Prior Experience

  • Wonderens Foods – 6+ years Founder
  • Banco Popular de Puerto Rico – 1 year Project Manager


  • UPR Mayaguez; ME – Operations Management
  • UPR Mayaguez; BS – Industrial Engineering


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