V2A Team Members

Andrés Serbia
Business Analyst

“Despite my limited time at V2A, I have already found a strong sense of community. I believe that this will help me grow as an individual and consequently, increase the impact that I can make at the firm.”
Get to know Andrés Serbia

Andrés joined V2A in 2020 soon after completing his bachelors in Economics and Environmental Sciences at Villanova University. His strong educational background and his ability to analyze large amounts of data in impactful ways brings a distinctive perspective to the organization.  He is currently engaged in a capacity planning study for a large institution in the public sector.

Andres prefers to spend his free time exercising, reading, learning, and engaging in creative activities. He loves maps and data. Eventually, he wants to explore this world and contribute to its wellness.

Prior Experience

  • CSA Group –  Environmental Technician


  • Villanova University – Economics (BA), Environmental Science (BS)


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